Yes, I would say.

Without following the law, how you could be the best digital marketing person. Are you buzzing out that how digital marketing related to law? It is the law of marketing, which I’m talking about.

Now you are getting me right? As a country, it is important to have certain laws to build a better society likewise some basic laws are applicable for marketing too. Those are simple yet powerful knowledge to learn. Here I’m going to give you brief insights on what are those laws and fundamentals of marketing. Firstly, learning the fundamentals right is the…

(This article is published as part of Digital Deepak Internship Program.You are going to experience my vision in 5years and what I would be in 2026 as my new version 2.0)

Mukesh Palaniraj is one of the renowned digital marketing consultant in India.He is the founder of digital marketing consulting firm XXXXX. It all started in 2021,a youth from small village in Coimbatore town dreams big for other’s business to achieving their vision through digital marketing. After his MBA degree, he started his career in NBFC industry as a frontline sales manager. After three years of work experience, his dream of being an entrepreneur made him restless and thrive, learning digital marketing was the turning point.

After learnt basic of digital marketing under DDIP, in the year 2022 he ventured his…

Mukesh Palaniraj

Digital Marketing Freelancer

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